The myWorld Way

First founded back in 2003, the myWorld story has been a successful one so far. myWorld is currently represented in over 50 different countries around the world right now, forming an international network of around 15 million Shoppers and 150,000 Partners. After achieving its aim to expand across Europe, myWorld founded a new limited company, consolidated its subsidiaries and launched a new multi-brand strategy – all part of its comprehensive plan for growth.

The company then underwent extensive restructuring: myWorld Holdings Ltd. now serves as the umbrella company for a huge range of famous brands and successful businesses. This portfolio currently includes the travelWorld, the mediaWorld and Organic+. Another global player within the business is myWorld International. The company serves the myWorld subsidiary offices in over 50 countries as well as the entire myWorld Benefit Program. An international service provider rounds off the business portfolio: myWorld 360. 

Hubert Freidl
myWorld owner

0 Million
Customers across all brands

Our Vision

Thanks to extensive growth and a successful diversification strategy, myWorld has established itself as an important player in a wide range of business areas. This multi-pronged approach also guarantees the sustained success for the whole group of companies. By combining innovative new technical solutions and ideas with new and dynamic ways of communication, marketing and customer loyalty, all areas of business are able to benefit from each other, thus forming one strong unit with the ability to constantly innovate and create new solutions.

After having established these strong foundations, the vision for the future of myWorld is clear: to lead the way in our respective fields of tech, marketing and communications, to generate even more ways through which our partners and customers can benefit from our expertise and to grow in all areas of business. Our next ventures, namely a whole new range of projects, are already in the planning stages. This will ensure that myWorld stays ahead of the competition, and that it not only builds on the existing foundations but continually reinvents itself too.