We Care

Supporting people in need and
contributing to a healthy environment

We Care

Supporting people in need and contributing to a healthy environment

Our Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

Being successful on a global stage, the myWorld group of companies is aware of its responsibility to not only its customers, partners and employees, but also to society and the environment. This means creating an environment where all employees feel respected and appreciated on the one hand, and where partners and customers feel as though they are treated fairly and respectfully, on the other.

Additionally, myWorld is supporting two charitable organisations, the Child & Family Foundation and the Greenfinity Foundation. These foundations strive to help people in need as well as the environment. By providing free of charge financing, services and the necessary infrastructure, we want to make sure that global educational and environmental projects can be implemented successfully.

Every Day we Touch
Millions of Lives
With our commitment to the Child & Family Foundation and the Greenfinity Foundation we want to help shape a better and healthier world for individuals and families, for our communities and for the planet. Our stories take a deeper look at how myWorld is making a difference.

Gardening As a Valid School Subject

Many children in the Philippines are undernourished. In order to help, the Greenfinity Foundation has launched an organic garden project at the San Roque Elementary School.

Education means equipping people with the knowledge and skills which they require.

In a region where malnourishment poses a serious problem, knowing how to garden and feed yourself properly is of the utmost importance. The school garden is replanted during a school lesson. Mr Roy, who is an expert in the field of gardening and agriculture, instructs the children.

Secret tips from experts

Under his guidance, the children gain much more than simply a lesson on how to garden. Mr Roy reveals “secret tips”, which help the children to understand not only how the plants grow but also how you reap a rich harvest. The children are particularly interested in the harvested products, which are then transformed into afternoon tea in the school kitchen; after all, nothing tastes better than home-grown fruit and vegetables.

Clean the Beach - Philippines

Together with the students and teachers of the San Roque Elementary School, the Greenfinity Foundation cleaned the beach of Padre Burgos.

We must not underestimate the negative influence of incorrectly stored waste on our ecosystem. Therefore, waste collection campaigns have now become a long-standing tradition and significantly contribute towards protecting the environment and helping to raise public awareness on this important issue.

90 Volunteers came together

This was the first display of “Green” commitment in the Philippines. The population on the island of Leyte has been struggling with incorrectly disposed waste for some time now. The local refuse collection does not always work, which has often led to waste being disposed of in the woods or on the beach. In joint forces with the San Roque Elementary School, the Greenfinity Foundation took on this project and cleaned the beach of Padre Burgos with the help of the school’s students and teachers. All in all, more than 90 volunteers came together to help with the rubbish collection. Aside from helping the environment, the main emphasis was on creating awareness: The students were taught about how to take care of nature and its resources.

Our School Projects at the Foot of the Kilimanjaro

Our school projects at the foot of the Kilimanjaro

Despite its fame and beautiful scenery, not everyone has access to a real education near the famous mountain. That is why the Child & Family Foundation will support two schools in the region.

At the foot of Kilimanjaro, nestled between the hills, is where you will find Shimbwe. A little mountain village in one of the poorest regions outside the regional capital, Moshi, which is known as a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers alike. The Child & Family Foundation has made it its goal, with the help of the organisation, C-re-aid, to renovate two of the four primary schools in the village for the purpose of optimising the learning environment and securing a better future for the children of Shimbwe.

The Shimbwe Chini Primary School

The Sia Shimbwe Primary School was founded in 1975 and is located in Shimbwe Chini village, roughly 12 kilometres from the city Moshi. The state school has a primary school and a nursery school. In 2018, 270 children, ranging from nursery school age to Year 7, were taught within seven classrooms.  Currently there are six teachers working at the school, employed by the government and paid by the school.  In Tanzania, the teachers usually live in accommodation provided by the school.  This guarantees that they can get to school on time.

In Shimbwe, very few teachers live far from the school. During the rainy season, it is often impossible for them to get to school. Another problem is that the building’s roofs are damaged and that the classrooms flood every time it rains.

Child & Family Foundation’s and C-re-aid’s support

Thanks to support by the Child & Family Foundation and the C-re-aid organisation, both schools will be renovated, and the infrastructure updated. What is more, the number of teachers can be increased, and the quality of the school food is going to be improved. The aim is to renovate both schools to create a better learning environment for the children. The Child & Family Foundation ensures that the costs incurred by the schools’ main requirements, such as for books, brochures, healthy food, the playground and the sanitary facilities, are covered.